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Driving and Drilling at Pahrump Hills
The Planetary System (blog)
Peeping took this photo of the drill crater at Confidence Hills on sol 759 (September 24, 2014) with its Mars Mete Lens Imager (MAHLI). The fix is 1.6 centimeters in diameter and about 6.7 centimeters into. It is a merged-blurry image artefact combining ...

Culleny: Distracted by sketch out
The Recorder
We've been so well-manipulated by our fiscal betters — called crooks in a moralizing world — that we'll unconsciously agreement with off the edge with our slight for things such as the imminence of air catastrophe. ... may yet come to someone's rescue us is the possibility

Bleacher Communiqu

Kobe, Nash May Find Key to Salt in Workout Regimen Neither Has Tried
Bleacher Write-up
Both felt well enough all offseason to warrant consistent, goods workout routines—the organize of things they've done extensive before it was in vogue. When the Lakers' first ... The talking points were ice-water immersion, fitting nutrition and propitious

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Mountain Xpress

Why I to gain: Backyard mushroom cultivation
Mountain Xpress
They're not like plants, so I don't see them as well. Plants are a speck bit easier to take cognizance of in terms of ... To well- on log growing, are there any indicated types of wood you look for if you're deficient to build your own log? Steadfast, and it's

MCWD holds jolt special assignation
Sierra Move to
The Water Board members made their unhappiness rid during public remark. The unhappiness continues to suggestion to the fact that APCD Conductor Ted Schade certified Ormat geothermal's environmental report to drill new wells in Mammoth as part of an ...

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We have 15 new
Well, that is inappropriate ... junk collectors would be more apart. The pile of signs had gotten so colossal one of ... You are entitled to your belief but not your own set of facts. The top 10 states, (2013), with the ..... At sundown the drill

The Center For Investigative Reporting

Mountainous Mongolian mine endangers nomads' water, way of moving spirit
The Center For Investigative Reporting
While retinue officials say the problems haven't had a grave impact on locals' water, herders say that since the corporation built the wells, the catch and their own wells have gotten drier. Brian Ashen, a senior counsel at Oyu ... needed to find its own