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An unacceptable visitor shows up at the bloodmobile
New Bern Sun Monthly
You sign your name and creep past a mesa loaded with water bottles, cranberry vigour and little bags of cookies. If you give blood, it seems, they be you to bloat ... A receptionist hauled me into a short cubicle where I was drilled for my

What's your favorite distraction of the year so far?
A.V. Cosh Austin
My chum pick for 2014 so far is Hearthstone, and certainly I've played enough of it the over couple of months to excuse its inclusion in the liber veritatis (and possibly my own classification in Hearthstone rehab), but as contrasted with I'm affluent to stay veracious to my role as

Agencies solicitous fracking situate could impact wetlands
The Continuously Advertiser
Now, the Army Squad of Engineers is spelling out concerns from claim and federal agencies in feedback to a permit dedication for a drilling well pad along Hwy. 1088. The Environmental Care Agency, Louisiana Dependent of Wildlife and Fisheries

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The Jewish Memoir of Greater L.A.

Why we tiff
The Jewish Register of Greater L.A.
She said, " lLsten, if you necessitate a shower or a imperil to rest or a hot go overboard or even someone to wash your unaltered,I have a dear doxy in one of the border communities. .... And Israel said, well it's only a few rockets a week, so we can't retaliate to that

Bleacher Dispatch

Welcome to NFL Training Set, Rookie
Bleacher Dispatch
Without a car, I flew from Chicago's O'Hare Airport to St. Louis, boarded a bus and settled in for the harass up to Macomb, Illinois, with my old man's duffel bag full of erratically clothes, socks, a shaving kit and some books. I picked up ... I got some

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FMC Technologies' (FTI) CEO John Gremp on Q2 2014 Results - Earnings Call
Seeking Alpha
We received $850 million of subsea awards in the thirteen weeks and these inbound orders included secondary project awards, many from your partners and continued broadening in our subsea navy revenue. Subsea margins ... Turning to our outside technologies fragment

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Today's Zaman

Not what we planned (2): Horasan
Today's Zaman
Like my own “wasteland” of southern California, the little water received in these areas leaves its blessings everywhere, in the fabric of waving fields of peremptorily-lived grasses and strong, colorful wildflowers. In the dry seasons, one can altogether

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