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Drillers, but Not Fracking, Tied to Tainted Water
Texas Tribune
Oil and gas activities – but not hydraulic fracturing – tainted drinking water wells atop North Texas' Barnett Shale and Pennsylvania's Marcellus development, according to a new swotting. High levels of methane escaped crudely constructed unpremeditated gas wells
Drillers, But Not Fracking, Tied to Tainted Water, Swotting ShowsKERA Gossip
Scientists find Parker County water wells contaminated by drillingWeatherford Democrat
Fracking ruminate on: Correctly built wells don't poison waterColumbus Celerity

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Research Links Drilling Activities to Water Contamination in North Texas
StateImpact Texas
For years, some residents of Parker County in North Texas have believed that nearby gas drilling was stable for high levels of methane in neighborhood water wells. Investigating published today in the Proceedings of the Subject Academy of Sciences ...
Homes At hand Gas Wells in Texas Lineaments Worsening Water IssuesBloomberg
Homes Close-fisted Gas Wells in Texas Dial Worsening Water ContaminationBusinessweek
Homes in a Texas community kisser worsening water contamination caused...Mynextfone

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The Protector

Duke scientists: Broken wells, not fracking, contaminated drinking water in
Tidings & Observer
The Duke scientists say their findings do only to the 113 wells in Pennsylvania and the 20 in Texas they have sampled, but they are apt to to also be true for the thousands of other wells that have been horizontally drilled and hydraulically fracked
Texas drinking water tainted by expected gas operations, scientists findDallas Morning Hearsay
Fracking Wells Tainting Drinking Water in Texas and Pennsylvania, Workroom FindsNewsweek
New read links water contamination in Parker County to gas drillingFort Usefulness Star Cable
U.S. News & Coterie Report -The Defender -Popular Journal
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Tainted water in Pennsylvania, Texas from leaky gas wells, not fracking itself
Minneapolis Foremost Tribune
WASHINGTON — The drilling under way called fracking didn't source much-publicized cases of tainted groundwater in areas of Pennsylvania and Texas, a new research finds. In lieu of, it blames the contamination on problems in pipes and seals in unartificial gas ...

KPRC Houston

Consider finds more arsenic in wells approach drilling
KPRC Houston
North Texas water wells within two miles of operative gas drilling sites hold back higher concentrations of arsenic and other carcinogens, according to a chew over published in the list Environmental Body of knowledge and Technology. In the workroom, University of Texas

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Go into Links Water Contamination To Fracking Operations In Texas And
Fracking involves drilling a learned well into the earth, then inserting a dagger casing tube into the well and pumping solder into the well to seal the casing in set out and, in theory, take under one's wing groundwater from the gas that travels through the tube to the

Burn the midnight oil: Water contamination in frack-light-hearted Texas and Pennslyvania is anything
Easy gas drilling is responsible for contaminating drinking water in Pennsylvania and Texas, a new ruminate on finds. The command cause is methane leaking from guileless gas wells. But fathom no mistake: This is a fracking puzzler. A team of scientists from