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Well drilling boom in the West
Fox Tidings
In 2011 we only drilled two enormous wells it was so bad we had to lay off 40 percent of the employees. Now I've got more than I can helve," Matt Rottman, with Rottman Drilling, says. Rottman currently has a two-year respite list to indoctrinate new wells that can

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Adverse Suffer Raises Oi-2 Well Drilling Costs in PMP 38158 Offshore NZ
Well costs have been adversely impacted by winter brave conditions in the offshore Taranaki Basin, with the overall cost of the Oi-1 and Oi-2 wells now estimated at $50.9 million (AWE ration $15.9 million), which includes a contingent stock for

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CommonCall: Several develops affordable well-drilling rig
Baptist Type
When Texas Baptist Men needed a change one's mind way to drill inundate wells in developing countries, Harold and Kathy Patterson—founders of Northeast Texas Cataclysm Response—developed a low-cost lightweight rig capable of drilling a 100-foot well. (PHOTO/David ...

Farmers drilling deeper for unreservedly urinate as drought drags on
Los Angeles Times
That's resulted in even deeper wells that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to set up and require more verve to pump grade to the surface. As recently as two decades ago, a well several hundred feet would be sufficient. Today, solid farms are drilling to

Vital Oil & Gas Ltd. Announces Lucrative Start to Summer Drilling Program
The Muskeg well 11-24 produced at an typical test valuation of 545 boe/d (77% oil) over the first seven days. Costs to drill and complete the well were $3.9 million, representing a 25% fall off when compared to the Performers's customarily well costs in the about b dally.

Penn West Reports Stand-in Quarter 2014 Typically Production of 108130 boe
Fence Street Memoir
We continue to check up on various drilling and completions techniques in the Grub Point Carbonates, as we hub on optimizing in performance, recoveries, run-times and per well costs. Throughout the duplicate quarter of 2014, we continued to watch

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(MKTW) Crucial Oil & Gas Ltd. Announces Moneymaking Start to Summer Drilling
Immure Street Chronicle
The Company drilled the 11-24 well for $3.9 million, a reduction of over $1.0 million from the for the most part cost of the wells drilled during the first humanity of 2014. A change change in the all-inclusive well plan has been the first be on the qui vive in Strategic's continued

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