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Pateke-4H drilling update
Your Oil and Gas Word (press press)
An updated opinion of pre-completion well costs will be issued after the prone drilling is completed and the presentation liner has been installed. The Pateke-4H happening well is in PMP 38158 and AWE is the Supervisor. Located in the offshore

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California Drought Spawns Well Drilling Prosperity
ABC News
The inadequacy of irrigation A-one in drought-stricken California has created such a insistence for well drilling services that Main Valley granger Bob Smittcamp is delightful matters into his own hands. He's buying a ... Tapping groundwater has other costs

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Drilling rumble costs Pa. thousands per well in street damage -- article
Environment & Dash Publishing
Each shale gas well in Pennsylvania contributes between $5,400 and $10,000 in impair to the state's roads, according to researchers at the Rand Corp. The injury is largely unseen and may trim the life spell of the highway system. The write-up comes ...
Piece finds each Marcellus gas well costs thousands in method damageStateImpact Pennsylvania

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Sinopec leads China's shale gas mutiny with successful drilling
South China Morning Brace
Fu said Sinopec has so far invested two billion yuan on shale gas drilling, and has found an estimated evasion of more than two trillion cubic metres in an neighbourhood of some 4,000 even kilometres. Well construction costs have already fallen to 80 million
Who Will Be the Dominating Players in the Chinese Shale Coup d'?Motley Potter about

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Thrive of the Drill: How Big Oil Clings to Billions in Authority Giveaways
Mam Jones
To boost the nascent sedulousness, in 1916 Congress approved the expensing of "impalpable drilling costs"—fairly much any equipment utilized or work done—in the first year of a well's life. Today, prospectors on occasions hit dry holes, but the century-old tax

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A Deeper Look at a Memorize Finding Elevated Leak Rates From Gas Drilling
New York Times (blog)
At about $50,000 apiece, fresh portable atmospheric gas analyzers are unsatisfactory change appurtenant to to the cost of drilling, and in my opinion should be part of any the well airfield development scheme. Related devices are already employed by some gas developers, ...

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Ponder over swirls around to be to come of Haynesville Shale
April 23, 2014 - With the hard-hearted winter of 2013-2014 receding into the rearview reflect, some prominent hustle observers have speculated that testify of increased gas require -- as well as higher wellhead prices -- would quick a return of drilling
Chesapeake's Troubles Make peace It a Stock to Linger Away FromGuruFocus.com

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