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Existence Found 800 Meters Down in Antarctic Subglacial Lake
Meticulous American
In their two-week gad about from the coast, the tractors hauled 500,000 kilograms of outfit and fuel, unstationary labs, a gizmo shop and a hot-pee drill that filled six wagon-load containers. Within two weeks, the group was a noisy, industrial employment, populated by
US exploration yields first breakthrough scratch paper about life under Antarctic iceMontana Majestic University

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Integrated Drilling Equipment announces assignment of Jim Terry as Chief
PR Newswire (demand release)
Quondam to his appointment, Jim Terry was the CEO and President of Gleam Drilling Technologies ("PDT"). PDT is a producer of innovative well drilling bits and integument equipment used in drilling hardbitten rock formations. This technology allowed the

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StateImpact Pennsylvania

Cabot Oil fined $76000 for Susquehanna County well commotion
Akron Light Journal (blog)
“Cabot gone by the board control of the Huston J1 gas well for 27 hours, to which the jurisdiction responded to readily to ensure there were no substantive environmental impacts,” DEP Chief of District Oil and Gas Operations John Ryder said. “In this episode
DEP fines Cabot $76000 for January well trickleScranton Times-Tribune
Pennsylvania fines gas driller for losing lever of wellFox Business
Pa. fines gas driller for losing authority of wellThe Patriot-Intelligence

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Rocking Lincoln County: Caves and Karst in Lincoln County
Ruidoso Hearsay
In another well, I could clearly get wind of rushing cut far below, indicating a unselfish passage with a flood. Water well records often tribute open voids, fractures, and exhausted circulation, which occurs when the discipline bit punches into a cavern and the well

Leechburg Tract postpones determination to lease realty for natural gas drilling
The board even-handed wants to upon sure everyone is well-well-informed before approving the bargain.” ... No gas wells or other drilling equipment would be allowed on the blank property, which served as the instal of West Leechburg Fundamental. The gas would be ...

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The Inhabitant

Oil Search suspends drilling at Kurdish oil well, but profits billow
The National
While reporting positive results on Taza 2, the following added: “Due to the late increase in regional tensions, our facility to deploy key skilled technicians, equipment and materials to the Taza 2 well neighbourhood has been interrupted. Accordingly, in
Oil Search Pro tem Suspends Well in Kurdistan Due to TurmoilBloomberg
Oil Search becomes latest set on to pull out of IraqForcefulness Voice

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California Drought Spurs Groundwater Drilling Boom in Middle Valley
Patriotic Geographic
Speaking from the immovable's low-slung department building and equipment yard surface Fresno, Steve Arthur said his combine "has never been busier." He said farmers, livestock growers, and homeowners who after his company to institute a new well for them have to

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